26 things I’ve learned moving out of my childhood home.

26 things I’ve learned moving out of my childhood home.

In honor of my 26th birthday coming up (4 days everyone), I thought I would let you in on a few things I’ve learned after moving out of the home that I had lived in for the past 25 1/2 years. I have been living in Morristown for the past 8 months (and loving it). Gym is around the corner, Starbucks is around the corner, bagel place, movie theater, restaurants galore (oh, and now my bf, hey!).

There are of course ups and down in life, so, dedicated to my 26th year I present:

26 things I’ve learned moving out of my childhood home.

1. Your mom isn’t there when you have been throwing up all night and you have to ask your roommate, boyfriend and boyfriend’s roommate to get you soup and coke.
2. Your cleaning lady isn’t there (therefore no one will clean the tub, sink, floor, fridge, nightstand, NOTHING).
3. Toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. will no longer show up magically when they are about to be out.
4. Rent is due on the first of every, single, month (every single one).
5. Saving 20 bucks is as easy as cutting and painting your own toenails (even though the nail salon is a 30 second walk away, darn).
6. “Dinner and drinks” can cost you close to 100 bucks (holy).
7. The yogurt that is 10 for $10 is your lifesaver, therefore you buy 20.
8. You no longer live in a single home and live in a townhouse and the walls are thin.
9. You have a roommate therefore your shoe collection and clothing collection has doubled (even if they may not think the same, hey roomieeee!).
10. Peanut butter and crackers will be a full meal.
11. Garbage goes out on Monday and uhhhh Thursday?
12. You have to put the garbage out yourself because your dad won’t do it for you.
13. You now know how to put together furniture (darn you Sauder).
14. You also know how to put in an air conditioner.
15. You have to go grocery shopping because no one else is going to do it for you.
16. Your dad never let you have DVR because he likes to read and it is an actual LIFE CHANGER.
17. DVRing Jersey Shore is a great decision.
18. You will get parking tickets and you will have to pay them and they will make your credit card bill astronomical.
19. After your credit card bill becomes astronomical, you will need to use it less.
20. Buying Suave shampoo and conditioner for $1.50 each form Wal-mart does make you cheap (but it works just as well ladies).
21. You will have to find another running route and will have new hills to dread.
22. Giving people tours of your house will continue for the entire first year.
23. Pinterest is your best friend and you will be inspired to make cheap crafts (cc: flower holder made out of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce bottle).
24. Being on your own is pretty awesome.
25. Grilling is pretty fun and you can really grill anything.
26. Your mid twenties are amazing.


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