26 of my favorite foods.

26 of my favorite foods.

Another honorary list for my 26th birthday.

26 of my favorite foods (because why not?)

1. Cheez-its.
2. Low sugar (it’s 1 g less than the regular but I can tell) Jif (ONLY JIF) peanut butter.
3. Cheez-its with said peanut butter.
4. Wasabi peas.
— (no particular order here, depends on the day for actual favorite, although if I was stuck on an island and could choose one, CHEEZ-ITS)
5. Popcorn, plain and buttered.
6. AGED CHEDDAR CHEESE, 12 MONTHS OR MORE. Sorry for yelling.
7. Calamari, if you haven’t tried it grilled, go to a Greek restaurant and ask for it.
8. Ask for tzatziki while you’re there.
9. Donuts; big, small, stuffed, baked, fried, jellied (I don’t know how to use semi colons, is that what they are even called. Oye.).
10. Burgers, Urban Table burger.
11. Potatoes, any time, any kind.
11. Carrots.
12. Italian sub, with proper meat to bread ratio which seems to be difficult to find in society these days.
13. Sushi, spicy tuna:sweet potato roll, extra wasabi from someones plate.
14. Buffalo chicken dip that Rebeka makes (can we have that soon please?).
15. Pizza that Hillary GRILLS (can we have that soon please?).
16. Quiche that Mar makes (can we have that soon please?).
17. Chocolate covered blueberries that I never buy because they are so freakin’ expensive.
18. Oats.
19. Nature Valley granola bars.
20. Did I mention cheez-its? Um, OMG CINNABONS. CINNABONS! I forgot I allow myself one a year, one big one, for my birthday. It’s that time of yearrrrr.
21. Grapes.
— (this is harder than you would think. I like a lot of foods but not everything makes the list).
22. Oh, oh, townhouse crackers, girl loves some crackers.
23. Yogurt, had to think about that one.
24. Rice.
25. Those apple jack cherrios, is it apple jack, I’m not sure I never actually eat them, but those are sooo good.
26. Last, but not least, the good, no, great New Jersey, red, ripe, delicious smelling tomatoes. I don’t think I have had one in years. If you find one, let me know.


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