Why I won’t use my iPhone for one week.

Why I won’t use my iPhone for one week.

I use my iPhone to…

pay for Starbucks
pay for Dunkin’ Donuts
look up directions
look up anything I’ve ever wanted to know
find reviews on restaurants, hotels
blog (hi)
check Facebook
take pictures
upload pictures
check the weather
look up movie times and reviews
set my alarm
write lists
play solitaire
schedule things in my calendar
write a grocery list
map my runs
listen to music
pay my credit cards
check my bank statements
look on Pinterest
buy plane tickets
buy train tickets
check into places
read magazines
buy things from amazon (like $45 worth of k-cups because in the end it is cheaper but it still hurts to spend that much on k-cups at one time)


Doesn’t it make you sad a little bit? Everything is about your phone, as well as iPad, laptop, etc. I walked into a store to buy a phone charger yesterday (PHONE charger) and everyone was looking at their phone. I went to dinner with Ed and Nate a few weeks ago in the city and a 2 year old was watching something on their iPad (which I’ve seen multiple times). Now, don’t get me wrong, I am the worst of the worst. The boyfriend dreads when we go out to dinner because I will either check us in on Facebook or take a picture of the food and post it on Instagram.

It is truly an addiction. I feel like my phone is attached to my hand. Every time it lights up, a new text comes, a new like on Instagram comes, it’s …… exciting.

Therefore, I will challenge myself (it’s sad that it is going to be a true challenge) to not use my iPhone, iPad or laptop for one week (ok, I will have to use my laptop for school, oh yeah, going back to school to finish my masters, help me). No Facebook, no Instagram, no twitter, no taking pictures, no checking in. I will have to check the weather by opening the window, I will have to use my DSLR to take awesome pictures (poor me), and I will have to run without mapping it. I will e-mail at work and I have a house phone (LOL house phone) that I will use.

When I e-mailed my aunt letting her know my house number etc., she said “Excellent idea. Look up, not down!”. So true. I wonder how many things we have missed looking down at our phones.

So starting tomorrow, August 25th until September 1st…..

E-mail me – caitlinmarieone@gmail.com
I’ll give you my house number through e-mail, maybe.

(Don’t worry mom, I will have my phone on me but off by chance of an emergency.)

Talk to you in a week.

Maybe you will try it next.


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