One week without my iPhone has come to an end.

One week without my iPhone has come to an end.

“You have to have your phone on this week!”
“Why do you need to turn your phone off, I don’t get it.”
“Turn your phone off next week!”
“So I have to call your house phone, I won’t.”
“I didn’t use my phone when I was abroad, it didn’t feel that different.”

These were just a few reactions that I got when I told my friends I was going to turn off my phone for a week…. it didn’t go over well.

How did it go for me?

I was getting ready to go to bed last Sunday and was about to turn my phone off and realized, I DON’T HAVE AN ALARM CLOCK, because, of course, my phone is my alarm clock. So, I won’t lie, I did use my phone on Monday morning then turned it off. I went to work Monday and kept forgetting that it was off and reached for it a few times, but that stopped by Tuesday. I was still e-mailing so I was in contact with my usual folk.

I came home on Monday and had a lot of people to call on my house phone! I was on the phone for about an hour calling a few friends, the bf and my mom. It was pretty funny actually. I carried around my house phone as if it was my cell phone, although all I could do is look at the caller ID and …. yeah, that is about it. When the bf wanted to show me something on his phone (which some think is illegal but I said I wasn’t going to use my phone!), I would respond with, oh, let me show you something on my phone! I then proceeded to show him how it lights up when you press a button, then the tour was over.

By Wednesday I was pretty much used to not having my phone. I wasn’t thinking I forgot it when I walked out the door or looking for it in my purse. When I did see it in my purse randomly it was a weird feeling. Normally, your phone is your life. The moments where I looked at it, it was just, nothing.

Did I miss it? Yeah, sometimes. Definitely not enough to break down and turn it on. I probably missed taking pictures and posting them on instagram the most. A few times I said, “ugh, I wish I could take a picture of this”. For instance, when I got a new to go Starbucks mug, it’s a beaut. In reality, minimal people want to see my new Starbucks to go mug, if any. I didn’t miss facebook really at all, nor Twitter. Did I miss texting? Not really. Sorry. It’s just a HUGE distraction. I talked to people more on the phone and possibly even saw them more when I didn’t have my phone on and couldn’t text them my every thought and feeling at all times of the day. It is an interesting concept texting.

Yesterday when Rebeka, Hillary and I went out to brunch, we sat next to two women. One was in her mid to late twenties, the other was her mother (won’t try and guess the age). When they first sat down, the mother took out her iPad immediately. The daughter followed suit 5 minutes later. THEY WERE AT BRUNCH ON THEIR IPADS. Why not just stay home and make something and not be near one another? I just don’t get it.

Not having my phone for one week has opened my eyes up more to how technology and mobile devices really take over our lives.

I will be honest with you, this morning, I woke up and it wasn’t even my first thought to turn my phone on. I took my phone out of my bag and plugged it into my car to charge it and it turned on. I turned it off immediately. Anxiety flooded my body. I was on my way to work and to think of all the things I would want to look at or text messages I would have to read and respond to, I couldn’t take the pressure. I did not want to be distracted at work either. I didn’t turn my phone on until lunch time. Honestly, I only had ten text messages, because I truly have minimal friends and they all knew I didn’t have my phone on. Quality not quantity people.

A few confessions. I did use my computer for school which I said I would, and I used it to check my e-mail. I used my iPad to check my e-mail because my computer was too far away (two flights of stairs people). I may have touched a few of my friends iPhones and looked on Pinterest on my computer yesterday. I’m only human and it was raining and dark out.

Try not using your phone, even for a day. It’s a crazy thing.

Any ideas for a new challenge??


2 thoughts on “One week without my iPhone has come to an end.

  1. Awesome post! It’s interesting how quick we can adapt and quit reaching for our phones, in your case. After a day or two, it’s just the norm. I got rid of cable a few weeks ago and for the first day or two, hated not having something on in the background as I was doing other things, but after a couple days, I completely forgot about it. Haven’t turned on my TV, even for Netflix, in over a couple weeks. It’s been great, way more productive and engaged with the stuff that I want to be spending my time on.

    1. Getting rid of cable, I can’t! TV quiets my mind from thinking so much. Phone I could definitely live without. Good for you though, saving $100 at least too! We are creatures of habit, change your habit, the change is your new habit! Thanks for reading.

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