IT’S 2016. Holy.

IT’S 2016. Holy.

I just thought to myself, the year 2020 is only four years away. Now that will be weird to say, “In the year 2020…”. It sounds like there should be flying cars and robotic dogs (wait, are there?).

I always say that we should make monthly goals and stay away from the yearly resolutions, and I still agree with my, 2015 self. So, let’s go with some January goals, maybe throw in some yearly goals along the way. Let’s go with 16 goals for year 2016. I guess I will be going for 50 goals in 2050 (oh boy).

16 goals for the year 2016 (still sounds really weird)

  1. Wash my bras more (ladies, come on).
  2. Cook more (always, always, always).
  3. Workout more (ok, cliche, but really).
  4. Blog (hi).
  5. Use parenthesis less (lol, jk).
  6. Think more positive thoughts, less negative thoughts.
  7. Research and eat more foods that are related to common illnesses (migraines, colds, anxiety :: food = medicine).
  8. Moisturize my body more (no, I really need to though).
  9. Save more money.
  10. Inspire more people.
  11. Live in the moment more, enjoy now.
  12. Network more.
  13. Learn from others.
  14. Show my appreciation for those around me more.
  15. Take more deep breaths.
  16. Sit down and think about how amazing my life is more.

I really want to hear what your 2016/January goals are. Comment below!


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