Tired, but not as tired as before.

Tired, but not as tired as before.

February 6th, 2017. Monday. Woke up feeling pretty good. Weighed myself, I don’t think we ever went back to that. I was 160.3. The other day I was 163.2 (I think because I didn’t go to the bathroom for a day or two, ya know, the bathroooooom). That’s why I was feeling a little chubby. I started treatment at 158.2. About 2 pounds up, what are you gonna do? Well, maybe eat less sugar??? Maybe not.

Dad and I switched cars and he left his car for me. He parked it on the street because it was free parking on Sundays. He said it was a few blocks down. NO, LIKE IT WAS REALLY FAR DAD (he doesn’t read this, too hard for him). It wasn’t really THAT far, but for someone who had not walked much in the past few days, holy shit it felt like I was running a 5k. I was sweating. I finally saw it, got in the car and realized I didn’t have my wallet. Ugh. I had to circle around to the house. I had made a cup of french vanilla coffee, I couldn’t drink it but I wanted to smell it while driving to work. Ugh again. Got to work around 10 am I think. I walked into my office and there was a HUGE thing of coffee cake. Not a regular coffee cake, extra, extra with cinnamon sugar and big chocolate chips on top, it was MAGICAL. Also, just what I needed after a horrendous past few days (thank you Jenny and your mama!). I worked for a few hours then it was time to get home, I was tired. Christine wanted to drop off some homemade lasagna. No, not like, oh yeah I made this lasagna. LIKE HOMEMADE PASTA FOR THE HOMEMADE LASAGNA (thank you Christine and John!!). I cut her a big piece of the coffee cake so Kim and I would not eat 100% of it overnight. I was actually really scared to have a bite because I was afraid I couldn’t stop, yup, we are there. I relaxed for a while, Kim called right before I was going to sit down and have a snack. I was feeling very shaky, like I didn’t eat enough or something. Our conversation went something like this; Hi. Hi. How are you? Good I’m hungry, you coming home? Yes. K bye. You don’t want to talk? No, I need to eat. Bye. I can’t remember what we had for dinner. Oh, well, I was gonna make the lasagna but Kim said he wanted a salad with grilled chicken (someone else feeling a little chubby?). So he stopped at Kings, his favorite place. Got some romaine, kale, carrots, radish, peppers, mmmm. Thawed some chicken from the freezer and poured some dressing in it to let it marinade a little then cooked it on the George Foreman. I had not eaten vegetables for a while, it felt really good. Then we and some coffee cake, LOL. I did an hour of work before heading upstairs. There were no tears today. Success.

February 7th, 2017. Tuesday. Woke up, I FELT LIKE I RAN A MARATHON. I am not even kidding. I went to bed and was asleep by 10 pm 

last night, woke up at 6 am to pee then fell back to sleep until 9 am. I could have slept all day. I was also starving like I ran a marathon. Woke up, had to make an egg sandwich and devoured it. Made it to work by around 10:30 am. I was tired all day but made it through a few hours. I really do try to push it for as long as I can without pushing it too far. I got home, Kim was picking up quiche from his mom, broccoli cheddar my fav. He walks in with a bag of raspberry preserves and homemade chocolate pudding (thanks Pat!). Kim doesn’t like broccoli cheddar quiche, so his mom gave him a pie crust to make a bacon quiche, aye carumba. Dad dropped off my car, it needed a lot(tttttt) of work, ugh. I keep up with my car very well, I just hit a lot of pot holes, whoops. It feels like a new car. I cut a piece of quiche and gave some to dad. Kim put his quiche in the oven and I patiently held out for mine, until his still needed to be cooked and I was hungry. I made a little salad with goat cheese and balsamic dressing, yum. I logged into work for another hour. Sleeps.

February 8th, 2017. Wednesday. I had a 9 am appointment with my tax person. I got a letter from the IRS abouttttttt a month ago regarding proving my tuition. WHOOPS. She wasn’t happy I took this long to come in. Welp, I’ve had a few things going on. She said to tell them that, oh I will. Go audit someone else who really is cheating the IRS, jeez. Anyway, I left my appointment and then stopped at the best bakery in town. You can literally smell their stuff from down the street. I walked in and knew exactly what I wanted, apricot almond brioche. What is that you ask? A piece of sweet bread with apricot jam and an almond sugar topping thing, hard to explain but sooooooo delicious. I also got some mini muffins for Kim. I made it home and then got changed and was heading about an hour and a half south for a corporate meeting. It was exciting. We are a small company, now with 4 people in our top line including the CEO, me, another regional and a business manager.

On my way home I gave my mom a call, Kim, then dad. Made the ride go pretty easy. I got home around 5 pm. Rebeka and Mel were coming over for dinner. I threw the lasagna in the oven for an hour and it was smelling GOOOOOOOD. Kim made a nice salad, well we both did; kale, romaine, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, mmmmm. I spiralized the cucumber, love this thing, need to use it more. We dominated the lasagna, I had to tell everyone to not take a 3rd piece so I would have one leftover, lol. We then finished off the coffee cake, there may have been whipped cream involved. We sat on the couch and then face timed Hillary for probably an hour. Rebeka did the dishes and then it was time for bed.

February 9th, 2017. Thursday. SNOW DAY. Not really but there was lots of snow. I was up probably around 8 am feeling pretty good. Decided to make some fresh corn muffins. By fresh I mean taking a Jiffy box but adding extra oil and milk to make it more moist. They smelled GOOD. I then made two eggs, sunny side up but cooked through, 1 slice of bacon split in two and a corn muffin, or two, with some of that raspberry jam, mMMMMMMMMM. So good. I then made a cup of coffee and actually drank it! Felt good. I signed into work for a while. Around 2:30 pm Kim came down and he wanted a sub. I wanted to get out of the house and go trekking in the snow. We head out, IT WAS COLD AND WINDY. I asked if we should turn around about 4 minutes into our walk. We made it to the sub shop, it is new. Kim ordered a sloppy joe with turkey and ham. I looked at him like he was NUTS. Who orders a sloppy joe with two meats in a red sauce, ew. I ordered a tuna sub, mmm. We got some Cape Cod chips and I got this iced tea. It was really good, a lot less sugar but perfectly sweet. Kim’s “sloppy joe” came out. WAIT WHAT. It was rye bread with sliced ham, slice turkey, coleslaw and Russian dressing. That was not what I was expecting. Kim thought I was crazy for not hearing of it.

While eating, we were thinking about what we wanted to have for dinner, because all we do is think about food. We were thinking of making another homemade pizza. Kim’s brother Sam and gf Meg live in the same town as us, on the other side, which is probably, maybe 2 miles? They weren’t doing anything for dinner so it was on. Kim wanted to make one and I decided to make a different one. We went home then grabbed our keys and went to Kings and got some ingredients. Then Kim HAD to have a wooden salad bowl, he says our bowls aren’t good enough. So we went to TJmaxx. Could not find it there, but of course found something. We then went to Wal-Mart, Kim found the bowl and we were off. I was getting sleepy and cranky. All that walking, holy. Stopped at the pizza place to get some dough. Kim took a shower, I, of course, did not. I closed my eyes on the couch.

It was time to start dinner. I was making meatball pizza, Kim was making pepperoni/peppers/bacon pizza. I made the meatballs with some Italian style breadcrumbs, garlic powder, onion powder, one egg and some salt and pepper. I pan seared them and then put them to the side. For the pizza, I put some olive oil, red sauce, sliced mozzarella, halved the meatballs and spread them out and then put small dollops of ricotta cheese, sprinkled with some parsley and in the oven it went. It was gooooooood. Kim’s was better though. Mine needed salt. Everyone enjoyed though. Then, something happened. Ugh, it’s almost too much to talk about. Kim found a recipe on the Food Network app; fried chocolate covered strawberries. At first I said NOOOO but then Meg and Sam said they wanted to bring over leftover pancake batter, and that’s exactly what the recipe called for, the stars aligned. We covered the strawberries with chocolate then put them in the freezer for about 45 minutes. Kim got the oil up to 380 degrees and then put the strawberries in. They were perfect. We started to get a little bit crazy and fried a hershey kiss, reese’s cup, truffle and CHUCKLE, LOL.

Throughout the day my nose was feeling a little stuffy and I had a little cough but I thought it was just from being. Sam and Meg left, I did the dishes, Kim cleaned the kitchen, took off the metal burners and made me wash them, UGH, cleaned the oven then it was time for bed. I went up to go watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding on HBO GO. Love that movie so much. My nose was sooooooo stuffy, I basically couldn’t breathe out of either nostrils. Sigh. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


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