They told me not to eat sushi, but I did. 

They told me not to eat sushi, but I did. 

March 3, Friday. I woke up but I could have slept ALLLLLLLL day. I say that a lot and I don’t actually mean it. I feel like you say that when you can’t sleep all day yet on weekends, wide eyed at 7:30 am. Anyway, woke up feeling SWOLLEN. That feta cheese dip we got went to my face. I could not get out of bed. I slithered out of bed and hopped in the shower. Did I? No I did. I was covering at the other building again today. There is morning meeting there at 9:30 am which I am not used to. I snuck in around 9:40 am sitting outside the meeting where a few people sit because the conference room is packed, phew. Made my comments and then everyone was piling out. One of the nurses who I had not seen in a while said, AND I QUOTE, “You look fat” … “what?” … “You look fat to me” … “oh” …. other coworker “Oh, I think she lost weight!”. Welp. Here are my thoughts, 1. I am swollen from the feta cheese dip 2. I have gained weight 3. Thanks for the support from my other coworker, lolz. Remember, they don’t know I have cancer. I started chemo at 158 pounds and now I’m wavering between 162-163 however I feel like I have gained more and I am just dehydrated all the time and I am more like 165-167. Woof. Listen, I have a pretty hard skin, a lot of dietitians don’tttttttttt (fyi). I will say I did think about it for a few hours that day. Is chemo and cancer an excuse? Meh, I mean not really, but kind of??? Although that feta cheese really did go to my face. ANYWAYYYYYY, worked, worked, worked. I had the leftover chicken and mac & cheese for lunch (oh.). I left work around 2:30 pm, I was having someone else put some more hours in tomorrow. I went to the dollar store to grab some stuff for the house for St. Patrick’s Day. Decorating the house is one of my favorite things to do, just makes me happy to wake up to every morning. My dad and brother came over that night and we just hung out, ate some dinner and talked about how crazy Logan was. Nate saw it, dad and I are too scared. Dad just can’t watch scary movies and if you have watched X-Men, the Professor is oldddd and I feel like dad will look like him when he is old and makes me sad, Nate said the same thing, lol but not lol. Weird. It was so cold that day, glad they came to me, hehe. Time for bed.

March 4, Saturday. I woke up around 8 am I think? Slept wellllllllllll. Ah the weekend, gotta love it. Got out of bed, put my usual stuff on, but extra because it was coldddd. Made some coffee then got to cooking. I made banana pancakes; 3 small or 2 large bananas mashed, 2 eggs, 1 tsp. vanilla and 1 tsp. of cinnamon, mix well. Cook just like regular pancakes. They might be a little bit messy but they are yummyyyy. I added some blueberries and syrup to top it off.

I had lot of things to accomplish today. I got dressed and left the house around 10:45 am, red wig on, brown wig in bag, TJ Maxx bag to return something that I bought for no reason, for no occasion because I think I was feeling bleh and wanted something. Don’t do that. Stopped at the post office. I helped a man who did not speak a lot of english fill out an envelope because he switched up the mailing and return address and the person at the desk wouldn’t help him. Good deed. Then I was off to get my brown wig cut, potentially. I still had my free consultation from when I bought the wig. I told her I didn’t like how the front looked, you can kind of see this mesh portion on my one wig, but not on the red one. She helped me style it and put some curls in it so it is much less noticeable. I was going to get bangs but both Kim and the woman said, “but it won’t grow backkkkk”, true. I was wearing my red wig that day. I remember I said you NEEDED to buy an expensive wig. You don’t. My brown wig is on the high end while my red wig is in the more affordable range and I really loveeeeeee it. They are almost for different uses though. My good wig can’t be put up while my red wig I can put in a bun or clip and stuff. I don’t know. I tried on a blonde wig again, it just doesn’t work. My face has too much of a pink tint that it just looks, woof.

I was passing buy trader joe’s so I popped in. I didn’t really need anything but just looked around. I got some more olive oil, I got the one in the blue can on the right. I read in Rachel Ray’s magazine that buying it in a can like that helps it from being affected by light. I’ve also just bought it in the past and liked it. Also, in that article it says it is good for frying. Extra virgin olive oil is best for sauces and dressings, not for frying. Need a consultant Trader Joe’s?? I also got some chia seeds, more almond croissants and picked up some chocolate croissants for my friend who lovessssss chocolate. I then stopped at TJ maxx to look for a good cutting board. When we went to the knife skills class, the chef recommended getting wooden cutting boards, we have plastic, whoops. I wanted one big enough to fit directly over the sink so we would earn some counter space while cooking. I could not find anything at first but circled again and found a beautifulllllllll cutting board made of bamboo. It’s like an art piece. Returned my previous purchase, used $10 free cash from the TJ Maxx credit card, ba-BOOM.

I got home around 1:30 pm and cleaned out the cabinets while watching Baby Boom, does anyone else remember this movie?? Omg, love it. Half way through I was hungry for lunch and I have had this in the freezer for a long time. IT WAS SOOOOO GOOD. I then relaxed on the couch. Christine and Jess were coming over for girls night and sushiiiii. I was told by a nurse right before I started chemo that “they said not to eat sushi because it is raw however in the other practice I work at they don’t say anything like that so I think it is ok”. Of course I haven’t eaten it. I thought tonight would be the night though, CRAZY RIGHT. No, it’s fine. We ordered a bunch of stuff, miso soup, peanut avocado roll (NO TRY IT), sweet potato roll, rainbow roll, summer roll, udon noodles, and vegetables dumplings. Jess walks in with “Kay’s crave case”. The cutest basket with basically every food I have mentioned in this blog and gift cards to our favorite food stores. She is so cute and SO thoughtful. I am learning from Jess on how to act in the future when someone is going through hell. 

We watched this documentary called Blackfish. You can watch it on Netflix and it’s sad and you will think of life differently. They left around 10:30 pm. I called Kim, he was asleep because he had to get up at 4 am for his flight. SLEEPS.

March 5, Sunday. I got up around 8:30 am, after I got a text from Kim, “HONEY, I’M COMING”. His mom picked him up from the airport. I was heading into work that day in that direction and to pick him up, come home, then go back out for an hour drive was just too much. I went downstairs and made sure the kitchen was clean and things were looking good. I was making breakfast when he walked in, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. He was exhausted. I finished breakfast, he got on the couch and he was asleep pretty quickly. I snuck out of the house around 10 am to head to work. I got a text at 2:30 pm, “honeyyyyyy” …. “yes honey?” … “when are you coming home”. I left work around 4 pm, a good solid day. I was busy covering the other building so I wanted to get a few hours in at another building. I got home and Kim was being a lump on a log, was your vaca too hard on you honey?? Mean face. What did we have for dinner, ummm. Oh I had some pasta that Jan dropped off, gotta love Jan! She dropped off some amazing brownies too, mmmmmm. It was an early night. I am watched Big Little Lies, anyone else?? Then then Girls, meh, and then sleeps.

To see more pictures like this, you can follow me on my instagram page — @thefoodlovinglady ….. I think we need to work on that name. 


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