Wait, 1999 wasn’t last year? Does anyone else feel like that. Nope, 1999 was nearly 20 years ago. In 2018 I am going to be 30. “They” say your 30’s are the best years of your life. I hope “they” are right.

I never really supported “new year resolutions”. I think putting pressure on yourself to make big changes when you wake up one morning is a lot to do. However, this year, I’m on board. Why? Because during the month of December I didn’t work out, I ate like shit and I stopped caring. I need a restart. I need a new year because honestly, 2017 sucked (insert inappropriate body part here).

So now, I will give you my 2018 new year resolutions.

  1. Live, don’t just survive. I’ve been given a second chance thanks to research and medicine. I need to take advantage of this.
  2. Start caring about what I eat again. Yes, I’m a dietitian, but honeyyyy, I LOVEEE food. The good, the bad, the ugly. I need more veggies, more fruits, less sugar, more protein, more water.
  3. Greater than 5,000 steps 5 days a week, 10,000 steps twice a week (increase as the year goes on). It’s good to have reachable goals for this type of thing. Workout 3 days a week. Run twice a week. Also, don’t have goals like workout 7 days a week. This isn’t going to happen long term, sorry!
  4. Do not use my phone for one hour after I come home from work. I will be walking in the house saying “Alexa, set a timer for one hour”. I need to be more productive around the house. Also I’m addicted to my phone and it’s a problem.
  5. Stretch my arms, shoulders and chest 5 minutes before bed each night. I will be saying “Alexa, set a time for 5 minutes”. Fucking technology rules the world. I’m VERY tight after surgery and I want to prep for my exchange surgery and for life in general.

I think that’s good. I have everything else under control (haha, “under control”). I don’t want to set unrealistic goals, that’s when you fail and give up.

I also want to continue blogging. I don’t want it to be about cancer but of course it will still be there because, my life is forever changed. I want to talk about life, food, everything. I will continue to update on what’s going on in my life.

As of now, I have two more herceptin treatments, January 16 and February 6. I just scheduled my breast implant exchange surgery for March 7 (there were tears based on previous feelings but it’s ok), then, that’s it. Recover from surgery and follow up with doctors for 6 months then for 5 years then yearly after that. I can’t believe it.

2017 was the worst year of my (and a lot of our) lives. I don’t want to say 2018 will be the best year, because I have no fucking clue what is to come. I am going to wake up every day and appreciate waking up next to Kim every single day, in our warm bed, in a house we can pay for from jobs we both love with family and friends we appreciate more than they know.

This is what 2017 looked like for us.


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