From chemotherapy to marathon training.

From chemotherapy to marathon training.

“Am I crazy?” I ask myself. “Yes” I say to myself. Okay, this wasn’t a real conversation in my head, you don’t want to hear the real conversations in my head.

On May 10th, 2018, my friend Drew died of stage 4 brain cancer. He fought for 14 months, his positivity was amazing, his family’s strength is amazing. I was not the closest person to Drew, there were many people ahead of me in that line. However, Drew and I will forever have the cancer connection. Drew wanted to run the Marine Corps Marathon. A few of his best friends are doing it. On Friday night, I had the thought, “why don’t I run it?”. I always thought I would run a marathon but that feeling dissipated. I ran the Philadelphia half marathon twice. Christine and Hillary have both run the New York Marathon. This is it. This is the time. Drew is the reason, I am the reason, you are the reason. It is very difficult to get into any marathon however by raising money, you can. I am going to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Hillary and I are going to do it together, along with her brother’s Nick and Pete along with a few of Drew’s other friends.

I am running this marathon for Drew. I am running this marathon for my dad’s friend Joe Jablonski, whom I have never met but who lost his son Jason in November 2016 due to complications related to leukemia. I am running this marathon for my mother who has fought cancer more than once. I am running this marathon for myself. I am running this marathon for you.

I started my training today. I signed up for the marathon prior to getting the green light from my oncologist however I just got an e-mail – “For sure, good luck training, this is great!!”. I am so out of shape, I am truly starting from the bottom. I did a 2 mile run walk and then walked a mile home. I was running up a hill and it was HARD. I kept saying “do it for Drew” in my head and he helped me get up the hill (then I stopped because, damn, that was hard). The real training starts June 25th. I am currently training for the training.

I was never the type of person to donate to cancer research until I was diagnosed myself. Don’t be like me and wait until there is a reason. Cancer research is important to help people live longer and beat this stupid thing called cancer. Without all the research completed on breast cancer, I may not be here today. Please help me raise $1500 towards the American Cancer Society.

Click here to help raise money for cancer research. 

Kim, Drew and I.


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