“Do you have a boyfriend Caitlin?”

Now that I am a working woman, I think the number one question I get is, “Do you have a boyfriend Caitlin?”. The second most common question is usually something like this…. “I saw this thing on the internet (pertaining to nutrition), is it true?”.

Answer to both questions: No and probably no.

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a little different. I tell people I am 25 going on 50. I like to go to bed early, even on weekends, so I can wake up early, go for a run, drink coffee, go grocery shopping, bake something, enjoy the morning and start my day. Not many 25 year old men want to do this.

What do I want in a man? I want them to love their job and have a goal. I want them to enjoy life. I want them to want to travel and learn new things. Marriage and kids are not in my near future, they need to be okay with this. I want them to like to eat healthy but be totally okay with indulging (at least a few times a week) because… who will I indulge with when all of my girlfriends are busy? Do they have to workout? Maybe. Not everyday and not a crazy amount but being physically fit is important. [Do you think this is a check list? I don’t think so, I think it is an outline, an outline of what I am looking for]. I’d also like it if they didn’t need to text me or call me all the time. Distance makes the heart grow fonder people.  Remember that time I went vegan? Yeah, he will have to deal with many of my “experiments”. Now, I am not saying he has to eat vegan with me, he just has to go to a vegan restaurant once or twice, isn’t that what love is? Oh yeah, and he will have to be okay with my blogs. He doesn’t have to like them, or even read them, but he will be mentioned in them. Sorry (not). I am an independent woman. I like my alone time more than other people. It’s not you, it’s me. I am an introvert. I get tired out from large crowds and I need to recharge alone.

And now, an open letter:

Dear future boyfriend,

All in all, I am a pretty easy woman to please. Eat my healthy donuts and I will be happy. Take me out to a weird restaurant that serves grilled grasshoppers every once and a while like Ed does, and we will be a-okay. I will make you breakfast in the morning because, I like to make breakfast for people, not necessarily to impress you. Honestly, I really don’t like alcohol and it doesn’t like me. I don’t care if you drink and I don’t mind going to the bar every once and a while, I am the best sober dancer there is, I just can’t go every weekend…. won’t. I go through phases a lot, you will be able to ask Hillary and Rebeka about this. One week I will be eating super healthy, and the next week I may want to eat ice cream (ok, it will be frozen yogurt) every night, and you kind of just have to go with the flow. I don’t want diamonds or necklaces or bracelets. I want to take a trip to Paris and go to a restaurant and experience something neither of us has experienced before. That diamond won’t make memories, the waiter at a Parisian restaurant who serves us the best duck we have ever eaten might. I think you may like the fact that Dark Knight is my number one favorite movie of all time, but the fact that Ben Affleck is going to play the new batman makes me sad and we may have to boycott the new movie coming out, sorry. Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year. Not because of the presents, but because of the crisp cool air, the Christmas tree in NYC and the amount of snuggling that can occur. I don’t expect you to like everything I like, want to do everything I do or agree with anything I think (honestly, I probably wouldn’t like you if you did). I expect you to be open to my opinion, learn from the mistakes we make together and deal with the fact that I am weird.

Take a chance.



P.S. I won’t settle… I’ll wait.